About Me

For my day job, I am co-host of breakfast radio show, Jo and Lehmo on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne. Combined with the decade I spent as one half of the No 1 rating Matt and Jo Show, I’ve had over 10 years interviewing superstars, making celebrities out of local listeners and crossing the boundaries of sharing Too Much Information.

I am also a comedian, writer, actor and presenter. I appear regularly on all networks of Australian television, where I always aim to be honest, smart and funny. I write for newspapers around the country, and I pride myself on my excellent grammar, even in SMS communication. As an actor, I dream of playing Cruella Deville.

I love Aussie Rules Footy, fashion, highlighting women’s issues, my husband Daz and my daughter Willow, sit-coms, parties and post-it notes.  I have more plans than there is time in the day, which is why my house is never clean.