Keynote Speaker

I have spent over 10 years in radio, now as co-host of Jo and Lehmo on Gold 104.3 but originally as one half of the No 1 rating Matt and Jo Show. I have interviewed such huge names as Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, the list goes on and on. Beyond the biggest celebrities in the world, I have covered world breaking news live, such as Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires. Most importantly, I am pedantic about being a polished and professional communicator. Those qualities and experiences combined make me a unique Keynote speaker for your event.

I currently present keynote speeches in the areas of Personal Brand, Resilience, Confidence and Body Image, however I am able to cater my story to the themes of your event and your audience’s interests. In all cases, I bring with me great humour, understanding, the ability to connect authentically with your audience, an honest and open sharing of my many experiences (both good and bad), and an insight into a variety of methods that can lead to sustained success.

My diverse performing experience (from theatres, to comedy venues, to charity fundraisers, to corporate events and seminars, to industry awards nights, to live radio and TV, to my daughter’s kindergarten) makes my delivery style inherently adaptable to your audience. I have delivered keynote speeches to such organisations as Melbourne University Business School, Westpac, Pitcher Partners, Federal Department for Youth, and Monash University none of which were as challenging as a room full of 4 year olds.


Jo’s ability to connect with her audience, in an entertaining manner, no matter how diverse the gender, age, background, enables her to provide context to key themes such as brand, self-confidence, transparency which in turn supports people to find better pathways for their own self-development. – Westpac Premium Financial Services & Private Bank

It was very special to hear Jo’s story and to receive her wisdom from her experiences. She is truly inspirational! – Pitcher Partners

Jo is so many things; she is an honest, strong, admirable, enthusiastic woman with completely different life experience that has so much to offer, teach and educate people. – Kikki K