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I pashed on with Ryan Gosling

What have you been doing this morning? Me? Oh, you know, just pashing on with Ryan Gosling!

Yep. He and I are totally an item, thanks to this hilarious time-waster kissingryan.com.

Now I know life’s crazy hectic and we’re all struggling to find the time to do important things like exercise and call our Mums, but, truly, this is AWESOME if you’ve ever had the slightest crush on The Gos.

And seriously, if you haven’t what’s wrong with you? I mean, HELLO!! Crazy, Stupid, Love? Shirt off? “It’s like you’re photoshopped”? Sigh. If you haven’t seen it, do. You and your fantasies will never be the same again.

Specially now some clever little nerd has done the photoshopping for you, and brought you and the love of your life together.

Just click on the camera, take a pic, and suddenly you’re locking lips with one of the hottest men alive! It’s so worth running late for Team Meet.

It’s the easiest way to put yourself into some of Ryan’s best kissing scenes EVER. That intense knee-buckling number he lays on Carey Mulligan in Drive (without that icky beating a man to a pulp with his bare hands bit.) Or, of course, The Notebook. By all means, pour a jug of water over your head to make it feel really authentic.

I’ve done it in my kitchen in my dressing gown, for that Just Woke Up Together After A Crazy Night of Passion look.

I love the tenderness, the romance, and the difference in scale that makes me look like I’ve got gigantism.

I also enjoyed the series of failures including

Ryan kisses my nostrils

Ryan kisses my nostrils

Ryan can smell my morning breath

Ryan can smell my morning breath


Oh no! Is that Eva?!?

Oh no! Is that Eva?!?

It’s totally mindless and not as important as, say, feeding your kids or sleeping. But hey, don’t we all need some crazy, stupid fun sometimes?

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