22 pic

Taylor Swift. THIS is 22.

We all love Taylor Swift, don’t we?  Even if her music’s a tad twee for us, how could we not love playing “which heart-breaking arsehole is she singing about now?” We’re all suckers for real life dramas being played out in a catchy pop song.

But when it comes to Tay Tay’s 22, her clip makes me question how much does she really know about being, well, 22?  I mean, I don’t remember my 22 involving lying by a horizon pool in front of a mansion like this.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 7.14.02 PM

So let me present for you, my version of 22, as I know it really is.  Feel free to share what your 22 involves below.  Consider it a message to Taylor.  Just to keep her grounded.

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